Gimme Shelter

You can’t dry the rain, but you still try To plug all the holes in the sky Sometimes I worry after one more night You won’t want to stay in stormy weather But then we find a place to hide together Because we know the rain could go on all through the night These lightning…


I’m in control of the damage You can’t hurt me as much as I hurt myself When I purposely fall in love with you all Just so I can feel It’s all about me. Who do I think I am? I’m whoever you want me to be, See I’m never myself around you any more…

Wuthering Heights

You can steal my sleep Just like you’ve taken my soul You damned it when you loved me   Tap on the window all night And make me feel you there I know my torturer And I can take pain like a stone   I can turn truths into lies And embrace torment like atonement…

Thank you for the torture

I’m at peace now So thank you for the torture Now I’ve found out How weak I can be And how strong I am And that I will always love you No matter what


How can you protect a girl who willingly accepts ill intent, and would let you break her heart, just so she knew how much you could have loved her?   How can you knowingly destroy the day, knowing it longs for the night?   You just do. You just did.